Whats wrong with this picture?

Look very closely at this photo.  What is wrong with this photo?  This is a photo of the stop ring on a Graphotype 6381, it is virtually the same as the stop rings on all 6300 Class Graphotype machines.  This photo speaks volumes about this machine and the condition of the machine.

If you notice in this photo you can see the following items:

  • Stop arm
  • Stop ring
  • 8 retracted stop gates – seated in the stop ring
  • 4 extended stop gates – raised above the stop ring

Ok – so did you figure out what is wrong with this photo?  It is the four (4) extended gates raised up above the stop ring.  This machine will not run if these gates are extended.

There can only be one gate extended at a time.  When the machine is operating properly only one gate is extended up and the stop arm swings around to stop on that gate.  The stop arm then causes the Graphotype to trip the hammers that hit the dies and punches which imprint the character on the tag.  Once the character is imprinted the stop gate is reset by the machine in the retracted neutral position down into the stop ring and the stop arm starts to rotate again until it hits another stop gate and the process repeats itself over and over.

How did these gates come to be raised up all at the same time?  There are two possibilities, one is that someone was typing or pressing keys on the keyboard when the machine was turned off.  The other is that someone was typing too fast for the machine and jammed up the machine.

How do we reset the gates into the retracted position?  Use the metal lever on the left hand side of the keyboard with the round ball on top.  The reset lever will pull all the gates back down into the retracted or neutral position.

What other things can be seen in this photo?

  • This machine has NOT been lubricated
  • This machine has not been cleaned
  • There is rust on the stop gates that are extended.

Many times people will purchase a machine that has been sitting unused for years or worse abused and not lubricated.  When you purchase a machine before you start to imprint tags the first thing we recommend is to test all the keys on the machine to ensure they are functioning freely and are properly lubricated.

Check back soon for a blog on testing the keys on the keyboard.

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