TriStateUSA – Owners Spotlight

If you have ever shopped eBay for Graphotype machines no doubt you have run across the seller ID TriStateUSA.  The man behind this TriStateUSA eBay ID is Bruce Beckman.

TriStateUSA your trusted selling partner

Welcome to our store.  We are just normal guys trying to make a living.  We are fair and if there are ever any problems, PLEASE call me or email me directly at, that is my personal email address and I will work it out.

I feel all problems can be worked out to everyone satisfaction.  With a little flexibility we have had some great success on eBay.  – Thanks Bruce

As founder of, we met Bruce many years ago and we can say nothing but good things about him.  He is a man of his word and a dedicated family man, he comes highly recommended by

It is Bruce’s dedication to his family, his values. outlook on life and business ethic that make us at happy to recommend Bruce Beckman and TriStateUSA.

Graphotype Staff                                                                         # # #

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