The $5000.00 Class G1/6100 Graphotype – yea right !!!!!!

For almost two years there has been a Graphotype Class G1/ 6100 machine for sale on eBay and the seller is asking $4889.00

Graphotype G1/6100 Class machine with stand and tag flattener.

UPDATE: 11-2010

Let me be to the point about this machine . . . The seller is off his rocker, this machine is priced so far from reality it just frustrates me because I have to keep telling prospective sellers that they don’t have a chance of selling their machines for the price this seller is asking.  I hate being the bearer of bad news.

The description of the machine is:

“This is an Antique 1909 Graphotype Model G1 Metal Dog Tag Address Machine which came out of a New England estate and it is in good display and in working condition. It was made by the Addressograph Co. of Chicago, Ill., has patent dates which range from May 9, 1899 through May 11, 1909 with low serial number 2254. This visual marvel of a well made instrument likely made dog tags during WWI and II, can be used to make additional dog tags or other addressing labels and/or used for period display. It comes with an equally well built steel table which is unrivaled by todays standards measuring 19”x28”x28” and 76 pounds. The addressograph measures 16”x19”x29”, weighs 160 pounds and shipping is by special arrangement.”

What is the problem with this whole auction?

Addressing Plate made on Graphotype G!/6100 that fits into a frame for use with an Addressograph addressing machine.

This auction has caused us great grief since its first posting almost a year ago.  Anyone who has talked to me knows I love to talk about these machines; it is a passion of mine.  It frustrates me and I hate disappointing people that contact me everyday telling me they want to sell their Class G1/6100 machine for $5000.00.  It makes me feel horrible and people get really upset when I tell them the retail value of this machine is about 30 to 35 times less than $5000.00.

Patent dates do not mean production date, latest patent date on this machine is 1909, this machine was made 1912 to 1925 as evident by the serial number and paint markings on this machine.

Let me make a few statements of Fact:

FACT: These machines are NOT rare.  I cannot put it any plainer, old does NOT constitute rare or valuable.

FACT: If one could command $5000.00 for a Class G1/6100 machine I would be selling the machines we have in inventory – at that price I could sell ½ my inventory and retire.

NOTE: If anyone is willing to offer $5000.00 per Class G1/6100 machine I will cut you a package deal, I will sell you all I have at $4500.00 per machine and I will deliver for free anywhere in the continental United States.

FACT: Class G1/6100 machines were not used by the military in WWI, WWII or any war for making dog tags.

FACT: The first mass use of Graphotype machines to make military dog tags was in WWII and it was the Class 6300 machines that were pressed into service.

FACT: The Class G1/6100 machine DOES make a great dog tag machine.

FACT: The Class G1/6100 machine is a great machine, easy to use, easy to master and robust enough to last longer than you will.  These machines are the Timex watches of Graphotype machines, simply put; they take a licking and keep on ticking.

FACT: Just because someone has a machine listed on eBay for $5000.00 does not make it worth $5000.00 – these machines are only worth what the market will bear.

FACT: The Class G1/6100 machine is so simple to use my eight year old has her own and has been making dog tags for some time.

FACT: For low volume applications, first time dog tag makers, or someone that wants a really simple hardy machine that makes military dog tags the Class G1/6100 machine is hard to beat.

FACT: If this machine sells for $5000.00 it will be an anomaly as the market will not sustain sales of these machines for that price.  We state throughout the web site it’s a buyer’s beware market and that buyers should educate themselves before they turn loose of their hard earned money.

BOTTOM LINE: There is a sucker born every day, maybe one will pay $5000.00 for this Class G1/6100 machine who knows?

Gook looking example of a G1/6100 Class machine, would make a good machine for anyone seeking this type of machine but at $5000.00 this machine is over priced. Look elsewhere for a more reasonably priced machine.

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