The $2000.00 6300 Class machine . . . What?

I have been asked to explain why in my previous post I said a Graphotype machine is not worth $5000.00, yet there is another machine on eBay listed for $2000.00 . . .

Graphotype 6381 on pallet ready to ship and make dog tags

Yes, I agree with you there is a 6300 Class machine listed for $2000.00 on eBay. 

So the question has to be asked – is this machine priced correctly?  Well, depends upon how you look at this machine – the answer is both yes and no – read on we will explain. 

The 6300 Class machine listed for sale for $2000.00 is being offered by a Graphotype DEALER.  

Let’s look at the sellers description: 

“Graphotype 6381
Military Dog Tag Machine
Recent refurbish is palletized and ready for shipping or pickup.
We will ship this unit to you for free including insurance.
We also offer the installation service from our techs.
You pay for the flight or the trip cost and we will install this machine at you location and give you 2 days training on its use.
Hotel stay would be paid by you.
We have sold many of these on eBay and elsewhere and this is one of the better units we have seen.
It is a later version because it has the solenoid for the upper case. This is the same as the 6400 models.

Unit has perfect dies and will come with . . .

1 user manual
1 repair manual
1 bottle of durovis
100 dogtags in stainless
100 chains. 

Enough to get you started making money with this machine.”


Ready out of the box to make dog tags. Turn-Key with support.

What are you really getting when you buy this machine?

The seller of this machine is offering a fully refurbished/reconditioned machine.
This machine is guaranteed to make Dog Tags immediately upon delivery to the buyer.
This machine comes with free shipping to the buyer.
This machine comes with one operator manual (Reference Manual)
This machine comes with one repair manual (Service Manual)
This machine comes with DuroVis oil – recommended oil for this machine.
This machine comes with 100 dog tags and 100 chains.

More importantly, this machine comes with a 100% guarantee that it will make dog tags immediately upon receipt to the buyer.  We personally know this seller and we also know that he will warranty the machine.  This seller will also give you pre sales support as well as post sales support.  The seller will also provide you with sources of supply to keep your dog tag business running.

Later version of 6300 Class Graphotype with solinoid present for use with the shift function on the keyboard.Rear view of Graphotype 6300 Class machine with guards and tag flattener

When a buyer is seeking a “turn key”, solution then the buyer should be expected to pay a premium and what is being offered here for $2000.00 is a true “turn key,” solution for someone who wants to make dog tags.

Debossed dog tag made on this machine as presented by the seller.

Back to the original question, is this machine worth $2000.00?  Only the buyer can determine the real value of this machine, but in our opinion you would be getting your money’s worth because of the seller, support and extras if you bought this machine.

So the answer to the question of if this 6300 Class machine is priced right at $2000.00, well . . .

The machine is priced right if you want a “turn-key,” business ready to go straight out of the box.

The machine is not priced right if you don’t need or want the value added services, accessories and “turn-key,” guarantee being offered by the seller.

Ultimately it is you the buyer that will determine if the $2000.00 price tag on this machine is too much or not.

Graphotype 6300 Class machine with keyboard and clip board.

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