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Sleeping in Seattle

Graphotype.net just found a cache of machines sleeping in Seattle, WA.  This cache of machines is uniqe in that the machines are all 6300 series machines but they are not set up to make dog tags. These machines have been converted from debossers to “indenters”.  These machines are set up to make id braclets not […]

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DogTagsRus.com Supports Iraq Troops

Graphotype.net sponsor – DogTagsRus.com supports our troops no matter where they are. Recently DogTagsRus.com was asked to provide accurate replacement notched dog tags for a class being offered to some of our troops in Iraq. SFC Heather Enciso (US Army) conducted a class on the History of the Non-commissioned Officer, as this year is the […]

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Addressograph Model 70 Patent Information

The notch in the WWII dog tag was not a tooth notch; the notch was for correct loading and registration when a tag was used in conjunction with an Addressograph Model 70 medical printer.  If the tag or “plate” was loaded incorrectly (backwards and/or upside down) the Addressograph Model 70 would not function and could […]

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