Spare Parts for Graphotype Machine


Quite simply – most have gone to the dump !

Not a week goes by that we do not receive Emails in our inbox requesting parts for Graphotype machines.

All of the Addresograph-Mutigraph dealers have long since gone out of business.  Factory support does not exist since A-M as a company is no longer in business.

Those that had large caches of spare parts, found these parts were worth more money as scrap than it cost to warehouse and store - much of the spare parts have been sold off for their weight as scrap metal.

From time to time is contacted from individuals that have small caches of spare parts and we do negotiate and attempt to purchase them but most of the time the sellers want a kings randsom and we cannot come to an agreement. cannot afford to purchase spare parts if there is no margin left to recover our money or to resell the parts.  As stated above, it costs money – lots of it, to store and warehouse parts in hopes of one day selling those parts for enough money to recover the overall costs associated.

1959 Parts manual page of Graphotype Carriage parts for Graphotype machines by Addressograph Multigraph

Parts drawing for Class 6100, Class 6200, Class 6300 Graphotype machines


For those buying a Graphotype - the best thing you can do is make sure the machine is complete when you buy it.  There are so many Graphotype machines out there that I cannot imagin bying a machine not running, missing parts or damaged, unless you needed it for the parts.  If the machine you are interested in purchasing is not running, I would pass it up, as another running machine will become avaliable soon enough.   Unless you need a machine for parts, I would never buy an incomplete machine or a machine that was missing parts.  While some parts can be found through the Graphotype network, many parts are simply not avaliable. 

There is no Graphotype supply stores full of spare parts avaliable.  It is not like restoring a classic car, there are no auto parts stores or companies offering remanufactured or reproductions parts.  No company is making parts for these Graphotype machines, there quite simply is not enough of a market to make it economical to fabricate replacement parts for these machines.

Average machine shop rates are between $75.00 and $100.00 per hour for machine time.  If you need to have something manufactured you can expect to pay more for the repairs or parts than you paid for your machine.  As owner of this is a hobby for me.  My full time job is owner of a full service machine shop with manual and CNC equipment and I can tell you that it is not economically feasible for me to “tool up” and make replacement parts for Graphotype machines.

Parts diagram for Graphotype Die Head - Class 6100, Class 6200, Class 6300

Die Head parts diagram for Addressograph Multigraph Graphotype

 While there are no supply parts stores that carry spare parts for these machine anymore, there are several options still avaliable to the Graphotype owner that is in need of parts.

There are several people that have parts or donor machines from time to time.  Inventory changes rapidly so there is no one source of parts that can be published.  It is recommended that a person seeking parts contact and we will provide you with information to suit your needs.

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