eBay Kool-Aid Example #4

Just when I thought I was done, I see this.

Holy Cow – Batman !

Wow – that is all I can say – WOW – the seller is asking $2000.00 for this 6381 Graphotype.  This machine does not even have a tag roller.  In Maryland, I guess eBay Kool-Aid comes out of the kitchen faucet.

The seller of this machine does not even offer shipping, machine must be picked up at the warehouse.  All I can say is WOW !!!

People this is an epidemic – wake up don’t drink the eBay Kool-Aid !

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eBay Kool-Aid Example #3

Here is another example of eBay Kool-Aid.

The seller is also a plagiarist as he copied text and photographs directly from our web site without giving us credit.  We don’t mind people using our intellectual property but we do ask they give us proper credit.

This machine is way off base on price – $1500.00 USD

1. Machine is missing all rear guards
2. Machine is missing belt guard

We contacted the seller and asked them to please modify their eBay ad and give us credit for the plagiarized text they copied directly from our web site and they told us to buzz off.  We contacted eBay and had this auction canceled twice for plagiarism then we just gave up so now it runs as it.  If the seller has these morals and values, how will anyone buying this machine know the truth about the machine unless they buy it and find out first hand?



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eBay Kool-Aid #2 – Grandaddy of them all.

This has to be by far the most extreme example of eBay Kool-Aid of all time.

Here it is the $4889.00 Graphotype G1 / 6100 Class machine.  Buy it now, you don’t want to let this one get away!

If you are interested in this machine, I have one identical to it in inventory I will let go for $4500.00 – with free delivery.

Don't drink the eBay Kool-Aid


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eBay Kool-Aid Example #1

Here is my first example of eBay Kool-Aid.

Here is a G1 / 6100 Class machine that has been posted on eBay with a starting bid price of $1000.00 – while I know this is not the most outrageous price for a G1 / 6100 it still is way off base.

This machine is in beautiful condition and I would love to have it in my collection but I can buy 10 other machines for the price of this one.

Don’t Drink the eBay Kool-Aid !

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Don’t drink the eBay Kool-Aid !!!!

TOO many people are drinking the eBay Kool-Aid.

I wanted to give my nephew a Graphotype so he could start his own little dog tag business.  My nephew lives in PA and I live in TX.  I started searching CraigsList.org for Graphotype machines near him.  I about fell out of my chair when I saw the results for my query.  I found a Graphotype machine actually located in the town he lives in, by the photo it appeared to be a 6381 – it was dirty, missing parts and carried a price tag of $2000.00

I had my daughter pinch me to see if I was dreaming.  Her pinch hurt so I realized I was not dreaming, the machine was actually listed at this price.  Having some time to recover from sticker shock, I decided to contact the seller on Craigslist to see if his $2000.00 price tag was a misprint.

The seller quickly responded telling me that no the price was not a misprint.  The seller went one step further and said “I should be asking more because I have one my research on eBay and these machines sell for a lot more than what I am asking.”

The Craigslist seller of the $2000.00 6381 machine said he would not budge on the price –  I ended up pulling a machine from my personal inventory and shipping it to my Nephew for 1/6 the price.  The seller emailed me for months each time dropping the price, I finally had to tell him I was not interested and that I had shipped one of my machines to my nephew from Texas.  8 months later I helped another individual buy the machine in PA, for $275.00.

The average citizen who finds themselves with a Graphotype machine for sale really does not know much about the machine, their worth or how to move or ship the machine.  What happens more often than not, is prospective sellers first goes to eBay to look at what similar items are listed for.  Then they set their price close to what the highest price is they can find.

Many sellers don’t have a clue what the Graphotype is….
much less what the machine is worth or how to sell it.

Too many sellers go to eBay and drink the eBay Kool-Aid.

There is one seller on eBay that has a G1/6100 listed for close to $5000.00, well gang, I can tell you this seller is not only drinking Kool-Aid he is also smoking crack.  There is NO G1/6100 on the face of the planet that is worth $5000.00 under any circumstances.  Gold plated and delivered on a silver platter, I cannot imagine that a G1 worth $5000.00

I am waiting for this $5000.00 G1 to sell, because if it does I am going to post all of my G1’s for sale and retire.

All I can say is – WOW!!!!  None of these overpriced machines have sold and I don’t expect them to sell at these inflated prices.  The mispriced machines keep getting relisted over and over.  Some of the machines have been relisted for over 28 months, that is OVER two year’s folks.  If it does not sell in two years, maybe your pricing is off?

They say possession if 9/10ths of the law, and I am all about making a profit.  I feel anyone can sell anything they want at any price that is what freedom is all about, but the rest of us have to live in reality.

Wake up – stop drinking the eBay Kool-Aid.

I have no issue with eBay I buy on eBay all the time but when it comes to Graphotype machines there seems to be some kind of serious eBay Kool-Aid going around and sellers need to realize asking prices on eBay are quite a bit skewed from selling prices in the real world.

Don't drink the eBay Kool-AidI will keep watching the auctions and if any of these machines start to sell for $1000.00 or more I will be next in line and start dumping my machines – then I can retire.  If the machine for $5000.00 sells, I for sure will sell out and then I will retire very well.

I have a G1/6100 Class machine for sale now that I will part with for $4500.00, which is way below the one for sale on eBay.  Buy my machine, you will save money and I might even deliver it for free.

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