Graphotype Lubricating Tools

We have blogged about cleaners and lubricants now we will answer the question
about how to apply these oils to the Graphotype.

Give your Graphotype a shot !


Three steps to a happy Graphotype – Clean, Oil, Oil

#1 A CLEAN machine

#2 OIL to lubricate machine

#3 OIL to prevent corrosion to machine

Lubricating a Graphotype is critical to the proper operation of the Graphotype machine.  Illustrated here we have a page from a Class 6200 Graphotype showing the factory recommended oiling points.

Oiling Points on Front of a Class 6200
Graphotype machine.  Total of 38 locations.

Oiling points on Rear of Class 6200 Graphotype
Flywheel removed for illustration.  There are a total
of 20 factory recommended oiling points.

The Class 6200 Graphotype has 50+ recommended oiling points illustrated in the factory operator’s manual.  When looking at any Graphotype it is immediately evident there is more than one place to put the lubricating oil.  In fact on Class 6300 and 6400 Graphotypes the lubricating points seem endless.  Class 6100 and Model 350 manual machines are not exempt from oiling requirements either, as a matter of fact the G1 / 6100 Class machines have as many oiling points as the Class 6200.

The main focus of this blog is not the oiling points on a Graphotype, but rather how the heck does one get way down into those tight areas to lubricate everything?  Most of the oiling points are not easily accessible with a standard bottle of oil?

The Tag Tech’s personal preference and one of the most important tools in my Graphotypist’s tools box is a GLASS SYRINGE and long needle.


After much research and trial and error, I found that for me – a glass syringe and long needle was the best solution for reaching into and lubricating those hard to reach places found on all Graphotype machines.


A long blunt needle or long needle such as a catheter/spinal/epidural needle will allow you to reach all those nooks and crannies as well as areas normally inaccessible with a standard oil bottle.

The syringe needle combination also allows me total control over how much oil is applied and helps me not over oil.


Personally I use a B&D (Becton, Dickinson & Co.), 20cc glass syringe with “Luer-Lok” tip and a 6” long blunt tipped 14 gauge Yale needle.  I purchased both the needle and syringe in separate auctions on eBay.

For more ideas on Graphotype oiling and lubrication see our Oiling tools page on the web site.

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