Find us on Facebook has created a page on Facebook in hopes of expanding the Graphotype community for everyone.
Click on the image above to be taken to the Graphotype page on Facebook. has a forum for the open discussion of Graphotype machines.

We still have the forum up and running and it does contain valuable information for those in the Graphotype community.  We will continue to make the forum available to anyone who wishes to review the forum as long as we can maintain it. does not have any incoming revenue and as such this forum is posted here and maintained at a financial loss.  At some time the forum may become a burden and may be discontinued.


The forum is located – HERE –
r click on the image above.

Please join us on the forum to inquire about machines, discuss problems and research information as it relates to Graphotype machines, embossing equipment and dog tags.

There is information on the forum about:

  • Graphotype machines

  • Operating Graphotype machines

  • Graphotype machine safety

  • Graphotype machine parts and supplies

  • Embossing, debossing and indenting equipment

  • Dog Tags from pre-civil war to present day

  • Identification Tags

  • Stencil Outfits

  • Marking Outfits

  • and… much, much more.

Join us on the forums.




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