Copywrite NOTICE – Please Read – different than most.

Many web sites have copyright notices.

While the average copyright notice is usually somewhere between several paragraphs and pages long we are going to keep our copyright notice short and sweet.

– = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = – Copyright Notice

BOTTOM LINE – if it is on this web site it is copyrighted.  If you plagiarizer our content in any way we will take action against you.  Give us the proper credit or pay the price.

NOTE: In particular - eBay® sellers should read below.

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For those who cannot grasp the concept of the statement above we will provide definition in the following paragraphs.  If after reading below you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly using the link on the home page.

Non-Commercial sites may use content from this site if they give us credit.  Proper credit is a clearly defined link back to this site with the site name conspicuously displayed contiguous to the content used.

Commercial sites please contact us directly with all inquiries.  eBay® users see below.

eBay® Sellers are welcome to use content from this web site if and ONLY if they give us credit within the online action text and provide a hyperlink or active web link back to the web site.

Proper credit means – you clearly state that the information came from in the same font (size and color) as the description OR so that the text STANDS OUT in contrast to the description.

If we find an eBay® seller that fails to give us proper credit we will take action.  If content from this web site is used in conjunction with any auction in any way shape or form in which we are not given proper credit we will aggressive pursue all remedies available to us. will prepare all the necessary violation documentation and wait until the last day or hours of an auction before we contact eBay®.  We do this on purpose so as to cause you (the offender) as much trouble and heartache as possible by having your auction closed or terminated at the last moment.

We also will list you as a thief on our web site and will recommend against your auction to any potential buyers.

NOTE: Many times potential purchasers of Graphotype machines will contact us prior to bidding or purchasing a machine to ask for our assistance and advice on the machine they are interested in. will not reach out to bidders and buyers and initiate contact on our own but we will state our opinion if asked.  There have been sellers that have seen auctions get up fairly high with lots of interest and double digit bidders only to have their auction terminated by eBay® at the last moment for copyright infringement.  Oh well – take the risk if you want.

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