Contact is a informational website that was developed to post information about the Graphotype machine, dog tags and dog tag machines.  This website is strictly a volunteer effort and as such we will try to respond to your contact requests as best we can.  Please keep in mind that it may take some time for us to get back to you as we have full time jobs and this is a sideline for us.

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SIDENOTE: Honestly if all you are seeking is a value on the machine for the purpose of resale you need to read the following:

Inquires about machine values for the purpose of resale fall to the bottom of our priority list.  These machines are not rare and because you have found one in a basement or somewhere else you have NOT hit a home run or found that Antiques Road Show prize.  No Graphotype machine in our opinion is worth 4 digits, bottom line is we don’t want to hurt your feelings but you have to be realistic and we are going to give you real numbers if you ask.

  • We are NOT buying machines, we have enough that we do not want anymore.
  • You may offer us a machine for sale but don’t be offended if we decline.
  • If you have a machine for sale, we will list it on our Facebook page.
  • If you have a machine to DONATE or want to find a good home for we will help you find a worthy home.
  • If you want to DONATE a machine to a non-profit we will help you facilitate this.
  • Addressograph Multigraph went out of business in the 1980’s.
  • The Addressograph name was sold to NewBold Corp.
  • NewBold Corp., did not carry on the Graphotype line.
  • NewBold Corp. moved to a Addressograph 320 electronic machine.
  • NONE of our machines are for sale so please do not ask.
  • We do NOT sell parts, nor will we part out any of our machines so please do not ask.
  • In general there are NO spare parts for these machines.
  • If you are serious about a Graphotype machine, you need to have 2, one you use and one for parts.
  • We may, dependent upon your needs – be able to give you references on people that might have parts.
  • Please do not get your feelings hurt if we cannot help you locate spare parts for your machine.
  • Many articles, details and information on this website are dated.  History does not change much and we do not spend a lot of time updating things.
  • We are a small group and we are get older – finding time for is becoming more and more difficult – please understand.
  • is also a financial burden us and we will continue to run it as long as we can but it might disappear without warning at any time.
  • Retired or Ex-Addressograph employees, we CANNOT help you with pension information or anything else related to your employment with AM.
  • is NOT affiliated with Addressograph Multigraph in any shape, form or fashion.

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