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Addressograph Bartizan, LLC

When Addressograph-Multigraph broke up in the 1980’s the embossing division was bought up by NewBold Corp., but another company took over the imprinter products.  Addressograph Bartizan, LLC Imprinters are the machines that imprint your information from an inserted card onto documents such as receipts.  So many times now and days we see a clerk swipe a […]

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Addressograph is NewBold Corp.

We receive inquires about Addressograph Corporation or Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation.  The fact is we are, a website dedicated to the Graphotype machines, we are not Addressograph Corporation, Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation or A-M Corporation.  The original Addressograph-Multigraph Corporation was broken up and sold off in the 1980’s to many different companies. One of the best known companies that […]

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