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TriStateUSA – Owners Spotlight

If you have ever shopped eBay for Graphotype machines no doubt you have run across the seller ID TriStateUSA.  The man behind this TriStateUSA eBay ID is Bruce Beckman. TriStateUSA your trusted selling partner Welcome to our store.  We are just normal guys trying to make a living.  We are fair and if there are […]

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Graphotypist Spotlight – J. Sanchez

Not many things in the Graphotype world really reach out and grab us as being new and novel but this one Graphotypist, Mr. J. Sanchez really caught us off guard. It is sad to see a true Graphotypist retire, but it does happen.  Normally when a Graphotypist retires all his/her knowledge and information retire with […]

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Owner SPOTLIGHT – Romania – Owner Spotlight This month we want to present Cristian Munteanu of Romainia. Cristian is the owner and operator of located in Romainia.  We encourage everyone to visit his web site at  Cristian has been a sponsor and contributor to for some time.  He is very pro-active in helping to anwser questions […]

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