GRAPHOTYPE.net is the #1 source for information on Graphotype machines, dog tags and dog tag machines on the Internet.  With our dedication to information about Graphotype machines we have been able to develop and maintain our standing as #1.

Our web visitors, forum members, Facebook members and users are the ones that have given GRAPHOTYPE.net the distinction of being the foremost authority on the web as it relates to Graphotype machines, dog tags and dog tag machines – GRAPHOTYPE.net would like to say to all that have helped get to where we are – THANK YOU.  We owe a debt of gratitude and heart felt thanks to everyone that has helped us to become the best.

Since we have become the leading authority on Graphotype machines on the Internet we feel it is our duty to keep our users and visitors informed with the most accurate and complete information available to us.  The GRAPHOTYPE.net blog is our attempt at blogging for the Graphotype user, owner or admirer.  Because so many people have moved to Facebook as a way to communicate we have also created a Facebook page – click on the image below to find us on Facebook.

We at GRAPHOTYPE.net field questions weekly about Graphotype machines, dog tags and dog tag machines.  While we try to provide individual attention to each person that contacts us much of the information we share with those that inquire is repetitive in nature.  To help with common questions or concerns we have decided to address many of these issues with a web blog and a Facebook page.


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