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Don’t drink the eBay Kool-Aid !!!!

TOO many people are drinking the eBay Kool-Aid. I wanted to give my nephew a Graphotype so he could start his own little dog tag business.  My nephew lives in PA and I live in TX.  I started searching for Graphotype machines near him.  I about fell out of my chair when I saw the results for […]

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12 Steps to an impression – Action Sequence

We get questions all the time from people telling us that their Graphotype machine is not stamping characters or that the machine is hanging up.  Most of the time we can provide simple targeted items to look for and correct the problem in minutes.  Other times a machine has been adjusted “accidentally,” or someone has […]

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Graphotypist Spotlight – J. Sanchez

Not many things in the Graphotype world really reach out and grab us as being new and novel but this one Graphotypist, Mr. J. Sanchez really caught us off guard. It is sad to see a true Graphotypist retire, but it does happen.  Normally when a Graphotypist retires all his/her knowledge and information retire with […]

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What a fantastic rig

Take a look at this mobile dog tag machine rig. This thing is fantastic, I am so happy to see this machine being used and not sent to the dump. THIS MACHINE IS – APPROVED and RECOMMENDED ! We don’t think that we would drive on the highway at 75 miles per hour, but […]