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Sponsorship Information for interested parties

Postby CigarJoe » Fri Sep 23, 2005 12:32 am

GRAPHOTYPE.net is a Internet portal for information relating to the identification tag industry with an emphasis on military dog tags and the Graphotype machines used to imprint them.

As with anything else; the operation and maintenance of this web site costs money. It is the operating expenses and costs associated with site maintenance that have led us to allow sponsorships to help fund the operation of this web site.

Sponsorships are available to any individual or company.

Graphotype.net is a family oriented web site and as such please use common sense, there will be no sponsorships from alcohol, tobacco or adult theme related sites, companies or individuals promoting the same.

Exclusive sponsorships in a particular field, topic or subject are available as long as there is NOT all ready sponsorships conflicting supporting this site. Competitors are welcome to place sponsorship advertising on the web site unless an exclusive has been agreed to with existing sponsors.

GRAPHOTYPE.net sponsorships are available in many different forms. The most visible and predominate is the standard web site banner. (468x60, .gif or .jpg). The banners can be animated or static.

Sponsorship pricing is based upon an individual desire and need. Pricing will be quoted per request. To receive a current RFQ on a sponsorship please email the site administrator.

Sponsors may also elect to have a discussion group on the forum dedicated to their own topic that will contain their own content. If approved a sponsor will be allowed to have two moderators to manage the forum. Any sponsor forum must adhere to the rules governing this web site

- Graphotype Staff

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