Marking Outfit - WWI Stamping set?

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Marking Outfit - WWI Stamping set?

Postby DogTagsRus » Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:19 am

The Marking Outfit

This is a new item that has surfaced on the eBay market in the past few years. These sets have been sold as "Stamping Set", WWI dog tag making sets, etc.

What are these . . .

The steel stamp sets in the OD green boxes are known to the military as "Marking Outfit For Stamping Metal"

These units were produced for the military to mark names and numbers on items that needed accountability.

These sets have an anvil that is designed with specific cavities and forms to aid in the marking of the following items:

1. Spoon
2. Knife
3. Fork
4. Meat Can
5. Identification Tags - "Dog Tags" - this option is NOT included in all Marking Outfit sets.

As time permits I will add to this thread to further illustrate these sets and their use.


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