New Bold Corp, MDL 320, Address Plate Embossing Machine

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New Bold Corp, MDL 320, Address Plate Embossing Machine

Postby Haddensdogtags » Sat Nov 01, 2014 10:29 am

Hello all. Two questions...

I'm new to this forum, and site, but had a question regarding this machine. I picked one up at a government auction recently. Upon speaking with New Bold Corporation (now Addressograph), it seems as though they may no longer service these machines. I have to get the serial number off the machine to confirm that, however.

My question is this: who, if not the manufacturer, can service this equipment to get it operational? It is missing a character wheel, but powers up - according to the listing.

Secondly, I own a manual metal plate embosser that took a spill the other day and is now no longer functioning correctly. I am not mechanically inclined, so I need someone to service it. I've done some google searches to that end, but can't find anyone who knows what I'm talking about. Does anyone know (or can you?) where I can have this serviced? I bought it online from an overseas manufacturer.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I routinely go to my local Veterans Administration hospital with these machines, and can't until I get back up and running.

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